How to Find Best Holiday Deals

An excellent way to learn about special deals on travel and destinations is something many people neglect to do and that is getting on the email lists of tour operators, hotels, cruise lines, rental cars, and such. Then you can also go a step further, join their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter. You will be surprised at the fact that many hotels and travel companies give people that follow them or belong to their groups, special deals.

A very interesting, daring and adventurous way to get the best holiday deals especially when you are traveling without children, which will determine holiday times, is to keep dates flexible. However even more adventurous is to keep your destination flexible as well. One of the best holiday, comparison websites is Skyscanner. This comparison site has an option for “anywhere and everywhere”. You have the option to use it to enter your dates and see the best deals regardless of destination. Open to destination deals are often the most affordable, and we recommend that you choose an activity for example general destinations or skiing, museums, beach, etc.

Another method to get the best holiday deal is to go for an all-inclusive deal especially when you have children and you can only break away during these expensive times. In this regard, you want to avoid disaster and book in advance especially with big tour operators such as Thomas Cook or Thomson. When you are flexible on amenities, you will also find great deals. As you can see is flexibility key when you are looking for the best deals, however you will only know that it is a good deal when you have something to compare it to. You need a baseline sense on airfares, accommodations, etc. in order to determine whether a deal is good. 


The Best and the Worst Times to Make Hotel Reservations

It is amazing how few people actually realize that the sooner you book, the better the deal. When you book in peak holiday season, you are most likely going to pay double. Early bookings often have low deposit scheme, free child accommodation with discounts of up to 30% in most instances. It is often the case that when you book without knowing next year’s rates, it will still be given to you at the current rate and not the 10% increased rate. It is very seldom that you would get last-minute specials o any hotel or accommodation.

Depending on destination for example a European vacation the ideal booking period is between January and early March and done six months in advance. Even other destinations require early booking s you might not be able to get the perfect size, view, etc. apart from the fact that it would be cheaper. If you are looking at a skiing holiday six months in advance is your best option. The cheapest and best time is January especially if you want to soak up some winter sun at places such as Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, and the Canaries. During the typical off-season months, approximately September to March, but avoid Festive period, you must book as early in the year as you can with February the latest.

However, say for example you plan a trip to Asia, you will find the majority of hotels, and flights are the cheapest during May, June, as well as October. During these months will you easily get free nights thrown into the deal. This is yet again something to plan ahead and if you plan on the tropics, choose one of those months and book six months in advance. When you book in advance, you have your pick of hotels and the dates leaving it to late will leave you at risk of increased prices as well as not being able to stay where you want.