Top 5 Travel Destinations

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu is the ideal destination for the adventure seeker and lover of magnificent wonders and one of the world’s most fascinating and extinct cultures. If remote areas and the shrinking Amazonia Jungle fascinates you then there are few places that would be able to compete with this travel destination.


Sydney, Australia

Beaches, shopping, and culture in one compact, glorious package when you choose, Sydney, Australia as your destination. Allow yourself to submerse in the sea and glorious beaches in the morning, explore city in the afternoon and an evening filed with culture. A snippet of what awaits you include the Blue Mountains, Manly Beach, and Sydney Opera House. Whatever you want from your destination, you get it in Sydney.


Cape Town, South Africa

On Africa’s most Southern point is the magnificent country, South Africa with its mother city, Cape Town. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Table Mountain awaits from where you can take in the spectacular views of miles of Coastlines, sandy beaches, vineyards in the distance. The historic prison where Nelson Mandela lived for 27-years, Robbin Island is a short boat ride from the pier.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas remains one of the top destinations in the world especially for the adventurer and obviously the gamblers. If gambling is your passion and extraordinary nightlife calls you then Las Vegas has all that and more. At a time with the intense increase of online casino and people’s love for it, especially with places like that gives people the opportunity to find and compare the best casinos online, Las Vegas casinos were troubled as they expected tourism to drop. This increase desire for online gambling casinos however did not affect Las Vegas as one of the top travel destinations.


Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakesh is the destination for a place rich in medieval history and carries its name as “Jewel of the South” very well. From the snowcapped High Atlas Mountains, Menara Garden to the magnificent medieval mosques, salmon-pink rampart it is extraordinary, and a must-see city. Exuberant marketplaces such as Djemaa El Fna, souk shopping, elaborate palaces and tombs the history buff will never have a dull moment.